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Explore the Technology: The Sleep Museum is a free resource provding historic images taken from documents, catalogs and sources of ephemera in the hopes that these ideas and concepts might be the catalyst for innovators and thinkers to develop better sleep products for modern civilzation.

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Edward Steed has spent his professional career in the bedding industry. He has worked for Simmons Company 23 years. He began work at the Atlanta, Georgia plant  (1973-1980) where he worked in manufacturing supervision and the plant’s first flammability quality control manager, and later as the purchasing agent purchasing wire, steel, polyurethane foam, polyester fiber and cotton. He relocated to the Executive Office assuming roles as National Purchasing Manager-Textiles (1980-1987), General Manager of Specialty Sleep Division (1987-1995) that oversaw the soft side flotation beds, knock down ready-to-assemble products, and all other non-innerspring products. In 1996 moved to Tokyo, Japan joining Simmons Company Ltd as Marketing Director with the responsibility to develop a united marketing and merchandise program for Japan and all its subordinate Asian locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

He creating Empereion Consulting in 1998 where he has worked to date, serving mostly the Simmons Asia licensee group including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, South Korea and other locations in the Asia territory.

Steed is an inventor of 7 United States patents and specializes in history of sleep technology with a large library of bedding ephemera which is shared in the sleephistory.org  website with the hope these old ideas may inspire future inventors of better sleep products.

He is a member of the World Future Society.