Textile Patterns From Pre-1900

Stripes and soft colors were used for the higher end bedding articles.

Textiles and beds were “married” in the design stages dating back centuries. Many English wills cite beds that contained specific exotic fabrics woven in specialty mills all over Europe. Some tickings and textiles contained tiny filaments of gold or silver.

Textile Patterns From Pre-1900


Textile Patterns From Pre-1900

Ostermoor Ticking Choices Shown  In An Ad, 1908

This company was an international brand famous in the United States and Canada. By 1908 they had spipped over 2 million cotton stuffed mattresses.

Ostermoor Catalog Showing Ticking, 1908


Original Amoskeag ACA

Amoskeag Mills was the world’s largest textile manufacturing complex in the mid-1800s. One of their famous patterns was the Amoskeag “ACA” that became the subject of one  of America’s first Supreme Court trademark disputes. Eventually, Amoskeag lost the case and “ACA” became the generic term for a stripe pattern as depicted above.


Amoskeag ACA Ticking

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