Amoskeag V. Trainer, Supreme Court Decision

Here is the decision of the Court regarding the use of the letters “ACA” for mattress ticking.

The Supreme Court of the United States, No. 112, October Term 1879. 

Amoskeag’s bale ticket and Omega Ring Twist’s bale ticket both used the term “ACA”. Amoskeag had originally used the letters A, B. C. and D as grades of quality.  “ACA” was developed in 1834 and those letters were placed in the new bales tickets where A,B,C, or D had been. This was the key point in the decision.


Amoskeag identified their company name and their location in their original logo with ACA. The letter “ACA” did not refer to any thing special other than a new quality. This nullified their claim that “ACA” was a valid trademark.


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