Explore the Technology: The Sleep Museum

Welcome.  Formerly SLEEPHISTORY.ORG, we’ve moved it here to keep it as a free resource, providing historic images, documents, catalogs and other ephemera in the hopes that they might be the catalyst for innovators and thinkers to develop better sleep products for modern civilzation.

Hopefully, your visit will create a spark and this sleepy topic may become of greater importance as you consider your own bed, or the one you are considering to invent, to make, to sell, or to purchase and use. A well rested world will make better decisions.



Sleep, the bedroom, beds, mattresses, and all the furnishings for slumber have been fundamental aspects of human society through antiquity. We use sleep technology every night; sleep is a part of our world- and sometime we take things for granted. The ancient people believed sleep and dreams were important, mystical journeys the person was exposed to every night. Maybe we can regain this aspect and enhance the importance of restorative quality sleep.

This section of our site will help you understand the history and etymology of commonplace words we use regarding  sleep and our bedroom furnishings. The image archive is updated with new content as it is acquired and studied.

The Roman philosppher Seneca once wrote, “Nothing quite new is perfect.” Sleep products are still being perfected after thousands of years of improvements, yet, many, many ideas cycle around until they are perfected.

Some ideas are clearly ahead of their times. Other concepts  have been lost, but are worthy of reconsidering!